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  • Armordilla Impenetrable Top Coat - Melange Paint

Armordilla Impenetrable Top Coat - Melange Paint


Apply a thin, even coat following the direction of the grain making sure to maintain a wet edge.

For maximum durability, 3 coats are required.

Do not puddle, over-brush or overlap finishes.

Sand lightly between coats if desired with fine (440 grit or higher) sandpaper.

Remove all dust prior to applying additional coats.

Dries to touch in 1 hour.

Sand or Recoat: 1-2 hour.

After the final coat, allow 12 - 24 hours before light use.

Fully cured: 30 days.

Tip: To prevent streaking, use enough product to fully cover surface, but not so much that it gathers into pooling or drips. Product will dry quickly, if working in hot or windy conditions, work quickly to avoid drying/streaking/dragging issues. Tint Armordilla with a small amount of base coat color to prevent streaking/ghosting/fogging, especially over dark colors.

Not recommended for use below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Can take longer to dry in damp/humid conditions. Keep from extreme temps. Keep out of reach of children

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