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  • Swoosh Stamps (set of 2)
  • Swoosh Stamps (set of 2)

Swoosh Stamps (set of 2)

Sheet Dimensions: 12″x 12”
This series of stamps features defined lines and depth to use with or without added color. Think of it as organic coloring when you use iod inks, paints, and more to create with the new designs. 
IOD Decor Stamps™ are an essential tool for creating. Decor, fashion, sugar arts (because our high quality material is food safe, you can use it in your sweet creations too!). We design our Decor Stamps  to be as versatile as possible, allowing all kinds of uses and configurations, all with distinctive style to meet the needs of our highly creative customer .. .YOU.
Two 12 x 12 stamps with masking
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